• Dell Career ReStart Program Opens New Roles

    We have partnered with the Dell Career ReStart Program to open brand new returnships in a variety of fields! Apply now to restart your career building a brighter digital tomorrow through a supportive program that includes mentoring, coaching, and professional development.

  • Join Our February 8 Employer Roundtable

    Join us on Feb. 8 to learn about upcoming returnship programs at Dell Technologies and Zoox. During this session, recruiters, alumni, and hiring managers will give you the inside scoop on the opportunities and the return to work experience at these companies.

  • Announcing the Spectrum Returnship Program

    We have teamed up with Spectrum to open tech returnships! Apply now to restart your career at a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator that serves 31 million people across the US:

  • Path Forward on the TODAY Show

    NBC TODAY Show host Sheinelle Jones interviewed three inspiring women from the Path Forward community. They shared their stories about the challenge of returning to work after a career break, especially for women, and the value of returnships and resources from Path Forward.

  • Helping Companies Find Great Talent in Unexpected Places

    We believe there is a real opportunity for companies to tap into a talent pool that often goes overlooked. Our program creates a pathway to increase gender inclusion, create healthier workplaces and hire exceptional talent.