A New Way to Return to Work: Spotlight on Returnee Swati Udas

Name: Swati Udas

Return to Work Internship position (and company)

Software Engineer

Career past life (What did you do?):

Software Developer

How long were you out of the workforce before entering the Return to Work program?

I was home for 2 years with my newborn daughter.

What was your experience trying to find a job before the program?

It was challenging to get back in the flow of things. I also was competing with a lot of other candidates for various jobs. Along with focusing on taking care of my daughter and home life, it was extremely hard to go through the interview process.

Internship role (What did you do each day?):

At PayPal I worked on several different responsibilities, maintaining and adding features. I also worked on documentation and writing code. It was similar to a regular software job.

What are you doing now?

After the program (I left around 11 weeks after beginning the program),  I got offered a job as a Software Engineer at Google.

Crossover (What skills from your past life do you use in your new position?):

My technical skills transferred over from my past career. From my workforce break I brought motivation, patience and looking at the bigger picture.

What does the Return to Work program mean to you?

The PayPal Recharge program was a great opportunity. We got real hands-on experience while working on projects that would benefit the company. We were shown presentations covering work-life balance, networking and feedback; all of which were very helpful.

What was your main goal for the program? Did you achieve it?

My main goal for the program was to get back into the workforce as a full time software engineer. My time at PayPal gave me confidence and the opportunity to get back on track. It renewed my technical skills and eventually led me to a good job that I enjoy.

What advice would you give to future Returnees?

The Path Forward program is a good opportunity for anyone trying to get back to work. It provides a ramp of encouragement and support for its participants. The transition from a home life to the workforce is difficult. That is where this program is most helpful.

Where did you hear about the program?

That is a funny story. I didn’t actually hear about the program itself until I got in. A resume of mine ended up in the hands of one of my friends who handed it in to PayPal. They called me to tell me about the position and I accepted!


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4 thoughts on “A New Way to Return to Work: Spotlight on Returnee Swati Udas

  1. Hi Swati,

    I am extremely interested in speaking with you re. your experience. I am in a similar situation and would love to hear more re. your interview experience. Please feel free to email me at your convenience.

    I too am in a similar situation & recently completed a web development bootcamp.


    PS. I asked to connect to you via linkedin as well.

  2. Hey Meena,

    Nice to see your comment here.
    Just connected to you on Linked In. Lets talk further there :).

    Thank you,

  3. Hello Swati,

    Can I’d like to get connected with you for learning more about your return ship journey.

    I am also looking for similar opportunities as you and any insights from you will be of great help.

    Could you please let me know the best way to connect and we can talk at your convenience.

    Thankyou !

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