“A nonprofit aimed at getting women back into the workforce is expanding its network to include some of the biggest names in tech.

Path Forward announced on Tuesday that 10 new companies will be joining its ‘returnship’ program next year, including AppleOracle, Intuit, and Udemy.

Path Forward works with companies to create ‘returnship’ positions for mid-career professionals—mainly women—who want to get back into the workplace after taking time off to care for a child, parent, or other loved one. The New York-based organization launched in March 2016 after being spun out from data provider Return Path, where it had started as an in-house initiative…

In helping companies set up ‘returnship’ programs, Path Forward helps answer an acute need—from a company standpoint and from the individual participants’ points of view. Firms that have worked with Path Forward in the past say advertising ‘returnships’ broadens their talent pool by reaching candidates they may miss with traditional recruiting practices. And because the program targets caregivers—most of whom are women—it gives companies a direct line the female applicants in an era when many corporations, especially those in tech, are prioritizing gender diversity.

At the same time, Path Forward provides a vital resource for individuals who are looking to return to the workforce after a caregiving hiatus. The returnship model eases them back into a professional setting, gives them a fresh line on their resumes, and provides them with an intimate introduction to a potential, full-time employer.”

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