Podcast: Hurry Slowly with Jocelyn Glei

When Jocelyn Glei emailed me and asked me to be interviewed for a new podcast she was creating called Hurry Slowly. I said “yes” immediately, just based on the podcast’s title. I love this concept — that we can be both impatient to achieve results while not being frantic.

I so enjoyed the conversation we had. Here are what I think are the highlights:

  • Why the “ideal worker norm” hurts workers and businesses.
  • How do we figure out what is “enough” when it comes to work — and how do we define that.
  • Why measuring performance is so hard for managers — and for the rest of us, too.
  • How the concept of “core hours” could help some companies balance the team’s needs for collaboration with individual’s need for flexibility.
  • What I mean when I talk about crafting a rich, whole life.

My favorite quotes:

“I would love to see our entire culture start to look at people who overwork as a little bit problematic. Like: What’s wrong with you if you can’t get your work done in a reasonable amount of time. Are you not efficient? Are you not actually competent? How can we help you in your performance? Instead of making it a badge of honor.”

“I think we would be better as a country and as a world if women and men participated equally in the world and at home. I have dreams, big dreams.”

“Do you like doing it? If you don’t, you should stop. What if we all stopped? Right? What would happen if we all just stopped doing those things we don’t want to do? That might make space for the things we do want to do.”

Check out the podcast to hear more!