Questions (and Answers!) about Path Forward

Since the launch of our California program we’ve gotten a lot of questions from people eager to apply for a Path Forward internship. We have answers! Read on for the most frequently asked questions about our upcoming program.

I signed up on the Path Forward site, what happens next?  Great! We are excited to have you on board. Signing up at the Path Forward site is a great way to stay connected to us and the community here and to be alerted quickly whenever new opportunities become available. BUT, it is not a job application! Path Forward internships are offered by each company we work with and you must apply with that company for the specific internship you are interested in. We currently have six companies in California running programs – Go Daddy, Instacart, Zendesk, Demandbase, CloudFlare and Coursera. The good news is that this system means you can apply to as many positions as you want. You can see all the listings currently available in California on this page:

I don’t live in California. When will you have opportunities in my city? We’re actively working on programs in several other metro areas right now. Those internships will begin in February 2017, with job listings coming in December 2016, and in October 2017, with job listings to be posted in August. The specific cities where we offer programs will be determined by where we’re able to secure the most partners and offer the most job opportunities. Keep watching our site and newsletter for updates.

What are the criteria for being offered a Path Forward internship? Each company has crafted job postings for the internship it is offering and that posting specifies the criteria they are looking for.

What if I don’t meet ALL the qualifications? Can I still apply? Yes! The companies in our program are looking for people who have solid professional backgrounds who are looking to restart their careers. As part of that, they are open to transferable skills, nontraditional educational backgrounds and experience gained outside of the paid workforce. If you believe you meet many of the qualifications listed – even if your skills and experiences weren’t gained the “traditional” way — you should absolutely apply.

What should I do if I don’t see a job I’m interested in or qualified for? Stay tuned for updates to the Path Forward website. We are hard at work now signing on new partners to join us for a program in February of 2017. Those partnerships will be announced at the end of this year. Meanwhile, there are few resources you can check out to learn about other return to work programs.

Are these regular full-time jobs with benefits? Am I guaranteed a job offer at the end of the internship? Path Forward internships are not “regular” jobs. It is a temporary program with a specified start and end date. They are paid positions and generally require full-time hours though some companies offer part-time opportunities. Each company determines the pay rate and what benefits, if any, to offer during the 18 weeks of the program. Like most temporary programs the return to work program generally doesn’t include benefits during the internship period. Each company determines the criteria for success and will make the final decision on whether to make an offer of ongoing employment at the conclusion of the program.

What kind of support can I expect in the program? A lot! Path Forward is working with each company to train their team and managers to run this program and to support all the participants to be successful. In addition to that, Path Forward will be hosting free professional development workshops for all participants during the program. These workshops are designed to help you restart your career with confidence. Read this blog post to get an idea of some of the ways we think about what “success” looks like for our participants.

Got more questions? Keep them coming! Post them in the comments and we’ll get them answered.

2 thoughts on “Questions (and Answers!) about Path Forward

  1. Hi Tami Forman,

    I really appreciate what Path Forward is doing.

    My Question:
    I had applied to all the companies in california program. Unfortunately, I did not get an opportunity in any of those companies. Will there be any openings again in California/Bay area? if yes, when?


  2. Sara — Thanks for your note and sorry for the delay in replying. We had a terrible problem with spam comments. I hope since you wrote this note you’ve signed up for our newsletters or found ways to interact with us on social. We are always adding new partners and we alert our subscribers and followers whenever new opportunities become available.

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