Interviews can be stressful when you’re restarting your career after time out of the workforce. As a nonprofit dedicated to helping professionals return to work after caregiving, Path Forward is here to help.

In this webinar, Path Forward CEO Tami Forman is joined by two returnship recruiters – Rae Haouaoui of Quora and Matt Hill of OSIsoft, who share their advice on acing a returnship interview. Watch the entire webinar below, or skip ahead to gain insight on every part of the interview process, including how to:

  • Talk about your career gap (13:03)
  • Turn your experience into a story (16:10)
  • Translate your skills for a career pivot (19:39)
  • Recover from blowing an answer (23:00)
  • Prepare for your in the interview with managers (29:10)
  • Ace a virtual interview – now standard among employers (30:35)
  • Pass your tech assessment (34:27)
  • Get feedback from interviewers (41:10)
  • Avoid missteps and impress recruiters in the initial phone screen (51:05)

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