September is the New January

Happy New Year

If you’ve been thinking about starting a new job, especially if you’ve taken a couple of years off for caregiving, then consider September your new January!

“The end of summer and start of a new school year feels like a fresh start,” says Tami Forman, CEO of Path Forward.  “In many ways, September is a much better month to make a resolution than January.”

Changes take time, especially a significant shift such as deciding to go back to work. Use the fall months to get started on restarting your career. It’s ok to start small — as the kids prepare to go back to school, for example, buy yourself a new notebook and planner, too. But then keep going. Resolve to work towards your goal to reenter the world of work. These resources can help, with advice on planning a job search strategy, networking, writing your resume, and addressing a gap in your job history during interviews.

One option you’ll hear about is called a returnship. These programs are one of the best on-ramps back to a career. The leading provider in this space is Path Forward, a nonprofit that creates returnship opportunities as part of its mission to empower individuals who take time off to care for family. Path Forward’s overall vision? To reduce the stigma and change the culture of teams and companies so returning professionals can thrive.

If accepted into a Path Forward returnship program, you’ll spend an average of 16 weeks working in your field for a company that welcomes returning professionals and has full-time positions available that the returnships can convert into. Returnships provide a foot in the door, paid experience, the chance to reacclimate and refresh your skills, plus a community of fellow returners, mentors, and a team from Path Forward who are there to support your return-to-work journey.

To learn more about returnships, check out these free Path Forward resources:

Then, take a look at the hundreds of returnship opportunities offered each year by Path Forward at companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Grubhub, PayPal, and NBCUniversal. You can check the current openings by field:

Or search by location or remote opportunities.

Remember, like all New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to get started and then persevere. Keep it up and by the time January rolls around, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your return-to-work goals!