When it comes to returning to work in tech, there are some special things to consider – like re-skilling, whiteboard tests, and technical resumes.

In this special session for tech returners, Path Forward Tami Forman and successful returners Kathy Ly (Cloudflare) and Divya Ambadipudi (Nutanix) offer advice on every aspect of returning to work in tech. You’ll gain insight on things like:

  • How do I leverage my network? (6:37)
  • Should I take a course to re-skill? (9:20)
  • How do I know if I should pivot? (10:18)
  • Resume advice: How do I write a technical resume and talk about my gap? (14:18-20:10)
  • How to prepare for every aspect of a technical interview – from the initial phone screen, the tech test, and the whiteboard test: (20:10-31:00)
  • Should I create a project to show to interviewers? (39:29-42:25)
  • Tried-and-true tips from career returners on reskilling and interviewing (42:25-1:00:00)

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