Video: Spotlight on Path Forward Participants at Verizon

Today we are sharing an incredible video featuring three of our Path Forward returnees at Verizon Digital Media Services.

These mothers each have an inspiring story about their commitment to their families, their struggles re-entering the workforce, and their determination for career success.

This video features Candice Hamilton, Marsha Swallow and Karen Masterson. We also hear from one of Verizon’s tech recruiters, Megan Ward, who shares her perspective and experience with Path Forward’s first cohort of returnees in Los Angeles.

We hope you enjoy. Be sure to listen for our favorite quote: “Mommy can do it all.”

Path Forward will be back with more return to work opportunities in L.A. this fall. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all of our fall program announcements.

PS. Special thanks to Verizon Digital Media Services for creating this amazing video.