Women@Forbes Summer Roundup

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At Path Forward, we seek to help women find a joyful balance between finding career success and maintaining a happy personal life. To amplify that message, I’m writing a weekly column for Women@Forbes. I’ve discussed changing careers, the challenges of balancing motherhood with your job, and how to navigate a career break. While these columns are written for a broad audience, the advice in many of them as applications specifically for those look to restart their careers. So, in case you missed them, here is a roundup of my July and August columns.

Career Thoughts and Advice

Ready To Make A Career Change? Take These Five Steps First: A career change can seem daunting. I’ve outlined a few steps you can take to evaluate what kind of change you need to make and how to move forward without making one big leap. This advice absolutely applies to career restarters, too.

4 Things You Should Do When You Didn’t Get The Promotion: Getting passed over for a promotion is disappointing. Turn your disappointment into action and use what you learned into the process to help you advance and snag the next great opportunity.

Thinking About Taking a Career Break? Do These 5 Things First: I’ve learned a lot from the many amazing women I’ve met through Path Forward, including lots of “if I’d known … I’d have done …” I used that great wisdom for a column on things people can do before they take a career break that will make for a more successful re-entry.

Thoughts on Having a Work/Life Balance

Why Work Flexibility Is A Winning Strategy For Everyone: When workplace flexibility is seen as a perk only for moms and a extra burden for everyone else it becomes more difficult for all women to advance their careers. There’s a better way for all of us to work together to achieve balance.

How To Be A Great Mom And Have A Great Career: Many young women worry that having children will derail their career aspirations. In this column I explore some mindset shifts that can help you build a meaningful career while still loving your life.

Here’s Why You Probably Need A Vacation And How To Take One: Americans, especially women, don’t take as much vacation time as they could. I talk about why time off is important and how to take one without sacrificing your career goals.

Other Great Women@Forbes Articles

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