At AppNexus our employees are more than employees, we are AppNexians: a unique group of brilliant minds focused on learning, teaching and building. We work in a vibrant atmosphere, with an emphasis on personal and professional development. We look for people who are driven to learn and teach, to make greatness happen despite obstacles and failure, to see and improve the whole system and to empower the success of others. We recognize that, when identifying great talent, looking at previous experience is not nearly as important as looking at capabilities, passions and values – so we hire for those qualities. We believe in investing in those who have the potential to be truly great.

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“We believe that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture supports innovation and better business outcomes. That’s why AppNexus engages in programs like our partnership with Path Forward to develop a diverse pipeline of talent and cultivate a vibrant and inclusive workplace.”  – Brandon Atkinson, Chief People Officer, AppNexus