At DoorDash, our goal is to grow and empower local economies. To do this, we start by helping the merchants – the local businesses that create 60%+ of the jobs in every city. Our vision – which will take decades to realize – is to build a last-mile logistics platform, create a set of services to grow a merchant’s sales, and produce a membership program that connects consumers to the merchants that sustain them.

The road ahead will not be easy. That’s why we’re looking for people from all backgrounds to help us solve seemingly impossible problems at lightning speed. Those with courage and grit, who work hard, fast and smart. Those who don’t wait to implement good ideas, are comfortable with imperfection but determined to get 1% better every day. Think you’re up for the challenge? Join us! We are: 

Thoughtful: We strive to understand the needs and dreams of merchants, Dashers and customers — it’s what makes us thrive!
Bold:  We’re not afraid of risk or unconventional thinking — it’s what brings vibrancy and passion to our business.
Optimistic: We assume the  best in people and are committed to helping them realize their potential.
Relentless: Dynamism and grit lives and breathes in every interaction we have and pushes us to go beyond expectations — in our world, “good enough” is never acceptable.
Humble: We are only as good as our next delivery, and we know people count on us to reach their goals. Each day we ask, “what can we do better?”

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
At DoorDash where “Delivering Good” is our motto, we are committed to growing and empowering inclusive communities in our company, our industry, and our cities. To be a leader in this, we actively seek opinions different than our own and explore new ways of thinking. We amplify the voices of those who may not always be heard. We believe growth happens when everyone has room at the table and the tools, resources, and opportunity to succeed.