At HARMAN, our mission is simple. To make life more connected, entertaining, personalized and productive.

HARMAN designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and connected services.

Within each of our business units, our mission is to lead with integrity, innovate with intention and drive operational excellence that inspires breakthrough performances. The focus of our mission means we can, and do, stand behind everything we create.

We have plenty of innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology here at HARMAN. But what makes us really stand out is our diverse, global workforce. Our culture is built to welcome all employees into a challenging and rewarding career.

We are proud to be the first employer in the Detroit area to offer a return-to-work program in partnership with Path Forward. We believe that diversity in background, perspective, and experience will spur innovative thinking and drive growth. HARMAN will support you as you reintegrate into a workforce where your unique perspectives and contributions will be critical in moving our business forward. With our return-to-work program, you will work on real projects that impact the business and develop your skills in a culture that emphasizes a growth mindset and continuous improvement.

When you join us, expect to be valued for exactly who you are, for every day to be different, and to be part of a global team full of fun, diverse, and bright people. We believe that the future of the workplace is one where individuals can take time away from work without sacrificing the ability to drive a successful career. HARMAN is making an intentional effort to empower all individuals to bring their diverse perspectives to work. Our return-to-work program is one way we will accomplish this. Because your unique life experiences are critical to inspiring innovative thought, this is a place you will be welcomed, respected, and appreciated.

If you are searching for a global team that creates world-class solutions, visit our Careers Site and apply now. We look forward to challenging you to bring out your best!

“At HARMAN, diversity is a reality for us. People from every walk of life and with every perspective choose to work with us. Making sure everyone can thrive with us is what makes us unique. No matter who you are, you will be supported here. We know that when people work together and everyone can be their best and fullest self, that’s when true innovation happens.”