Return Path is the expert in deliverability. Every day, our customers trust our data and insights to help them optimize their email marketing. Partnered with best-in-class email service providers, we help marketers take their email programs to the next level by driving more response and increasing revenue. Through the Return Path Data Exchange, we’ve brought together the world’s most comprehensive source of data from the email ecosystem. We partner with more than 70 providers of mailbox and security solutions, covering 2.5 billion inboxes—approximately 70 percent of the worldwide total. At Return Path, we hire smart, focused, and creative people. We want to create an environment that allows these talented people to grow and focus on making email work better for businesses and consumers.

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“Here at Return Path, we are passionate about people and are committed to helping women and men back into the workforce. As the founding partner of Path Forward, we created a return-to-work program at Return Path and it was very successful — for the women who participated and the managers who added great talent to their teams. We believe continuing to implement the Path Forward program has the power to transform lives and transform our company. Return Path counts on this program to grow and diversify our teams.”  – Cathy Hawley, SVP People, Return Path