WB Games is a leader in the games industry across all game platforms and mobile devices. Our diverse and inclusive workforce creates and brings to life the most beloved characters, franchises, heroes, and wizards in the world. We are fans of what we make and proud of what we do, and have dynamic studios and offices around the globe. 

Our studios are making an impact on the future of games through collaborative exploration, innovation, and creativity. We’re dedicated to using innovative gameplay, cutting edge technology and AI, inventive narratives and stunning visuals to push the bar on games. 

Our Culture and Community
We strive for an inclusive and welcoming environment where we support and inspire each other to do our best work and to reach beyond what has been done before. We work to foster a community with focus on a healthy work-life balance and create teams that can develop innovative, high quality experiences. Here, you’ll find an atmosphere of bright and talented developers who all come together to bring our unique visions to life.