Looking to restart your career in engineering and technology? Path Forward’s employer partners are offering paid return to work opportunities in tech. These companies appreciate the skills you offer, the perspective you provide, and the contributions you can make. The current job opportunities are listed below and are open to those with at least five years of professional experience and who have been out of the paid workforce for two or more years for caregiving purposes.

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San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer

Vancouver, BC

Software Engineer

Remote US 

Software Engineer

Software Engineer 

Implementation Engineer

Sacramento, CA Metro I Phoenix Metro

 Product Development Engineer (new)

 Product Development Engineer (new)

Hillsboro, OR
Component Debug Engineer

Austin, TX | Santa Clara, CA
Component Debug Engineer

Sacramento, CA Metro I Hillsboro, OR

Design Methodology and Automation Engineer (multiple) (new)


 Platform Debug Specialist  (new)

Hardware Post Silicon Validation Engineer (new)

 Electrical Validation Engineer (new) 

Power and Performance Validation Engineer (new)

BIOS Software Engineer

Construction Flows CAD Engineer

Design Application Engineer

Design Methodology and Automation Engineer

Linux OS Validation Tools Software Development

Physical Design Engineer

Pre Silicon Validation Engineer

RTL/Logic Engineer

Semiconductor Test Engineer

Signoff Flows CAD Engineer

*These roles are 100% remote for the entire 16-week returnship. If converted full-time, relocation may be required to one of Intel’s campuses in Hillsboro, OR; Santa Clara, CA; or Phoenix, AZ.

Remote US
UX Designer
Software Engineer

Software Development Engineer
Software Quality Engineer

Each role has multiple openings

Boston, MA | Chicago, IL | New York, NY
Data Engineer
Mobile Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Software Engineer

Menlo Park, CA
Data Engineer, Analytics

Denver, CO | Menlo Park, CA | Seattle, WA
Technical Program Manager

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