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Path Forward is a nonprofit on a mission to empower people to return to the paid workforce after they’ve taken time off for caregiving. We work with companies to help them implement and run successful mid-career internship programs – often called “returnships” – that provide an on-ramp back to the workforce for people looking to re-engage with their careers and a low-risk way for companies to tap into a diverse talent pool that is motivated and experienced, yet often overlooked. 

How It Works

We’ve worked with more than 75 companies – from global companies to small start-ups – to create return to work programs. We leverage that experience to share best practices and provide training and support to all of our partner companies. We promote your returnship opportunities to our network of returners and provide professional development to your participants to help them successfully navigate their transition back to work. We run programs year-round in major metro markets across the U.S. Our partners have hired returners in a wide variety of functions ranging from HR to engineering, and 80% of our program graduates were hired at the companies where they completed their returnships.

Our Audience

Featured Partner Spotlight Interviews: Trey Guinn, Cloudflare + Lilit Div, VMware
Trey Guinn, Head of Solutions Engineering at Cloudflare, managed his first cohort of returnship participants in 2018. He talks about how his team on-boarded their program participants and measured their success, where his first cohort of returnees is now, and the special qualities that caregivers returning to work have that other candidates often lack. Read his story here.

Lilit Div, Senior Director of Engineering at VMware, helped kickstart the returnship program at her company. She tells us about getting the program off the ground, her experience as a hiring manager, and how she and her team provided support and mentorship as their returnees transitioned back into the workforce. Read her story here.