At Medallia we are working to build a world where companies are loved by their customers and employees. Our platform provides a way for companies to ask, listen, and take action on customer and employee experience. This attention to individuals is woven through our entire business because we believe that the experiences people have matter. We’ve created an innovative onboarding program, leadership trainings, team building sessions, and unconscious bias workshops to help support Medallians’ continued growth while fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

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“At Medallia, we know that attracting diverse talent means first showing that you care about creating an inclusive and fair workplace. Our partnership with Path Forward has helped us think about talent differently and look past the unconscious bias in the hiring process against people who took breaks from their careers. Through the success of our first two cohorts, we’ve seen how including more returnees in our teams has helped Medallia become an even more diverse and innovative place to work.“ -Mike Podobnik, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Medallia