Introducing the Spectrum Returnship Program
The Path Forward Return to Work program at Spectrum is a 16- week paid returnship for experienced professionals returning to the workforce after taking time off for caregiving. The program is open to individuals who have at least 5 years of professional experience and have been out of the paid workforce for at least two years to focus on caring for a child or other dependent. If you meet these criteria, we welcome you to apply.

At Spectrum we are excited to be part of the Path Forward program because we appreciate the skills you can offer, the perspective you provide, and the contributions you will make. This program offers you a chance to revamp your skills, update your resume with new experience, and make connections with others transitioning back to the workforce. It also offers support through Path Forward, the nonprofit organization that empowers stay-at-home parents and other caregivers to restart their professional careers.

About Spectrum
Spectrum, a suite of advanced broadband services offered by Charter Communications, Inc., is a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 31 million customers in 41 states. Over an advanced communications network, the company offers a full range of state-of-the-art residential and business services including Spectrum Internet®, TV, Mobile and Voice.

At Spectrum, we connect our customers to superior communications and entertainment products with the highest quality service. From Spectrum Internet Gig and our path to 10G, to Advanced Home WiFi and Spectrum Mobile, our fast and secure broadband network powers the future. The company also distributes award-winning news coverage, sports, and high-quality original programming to its customers through Spectrum Networks and Spectrum Originals.

Inspired by new ideas and emerging technologies, this leading TV, internet, and voice company has expanded to include cutting-edge mobile service, innovative new products, and high-quality content. We create the connections people count on. That includes:

Bringing students closer to teachers: We’re helping schools and universities seamlessly turn any location into a classroom.

Helping service members and families stay in touch: We’re there for every deployment, with high-quality video calls that bring families together.

Giving patients in need a connection to caregivers: We’re helping urban and rural healthcare providers reach their patients with telehealth services.

Keeping communities in the know: Our teams are making sure cities and neighborhoods get the news they need.

A strong link between coworkers: Across the nation, our employees are coming together to solve problems and build the future.

Network Operations: Learn about the team behind Spectrum’s internet, cable, and phone services.

Your one brilliant idea can connect millions.
You can be one of the talented people helping us move forward while maintaining the connections our customers count on. Best of all, you’ll be given the rare chance to own your work and see it through to launch. And on a fast-paced team with the resources of a nationwide network, there’s virtually no limit to where you can take your ideas and your career. Everything we do here leads to important connections across our company and for customers across the country.