Path Forward currently runs programs for more than 50 companies across the US. You can find the list and locations of all of the return to work opportunities that are open now at our partner companies here.

Meanwhile, there are other companies that have US-based return to work programs that are not affiliated with Path Forward. We have spotlighted a few below. Timing, frequency and locations vary as do the criteria for inclusion. Know of a return to work program in the US that is not listed here? Email us at

Featured Return to Work Programs: Now Accepting Applications

Intuit’s return to work program, Intuit Again, is designed to be a pathway into a full-time career, allowing you to expand on your previous technical skills via a 16-week structured program. Through this supportive on-ramp you will get access to technical mentorships and development workshops while expanding your professional network in an inclusive work environment. They are now recruiting for their fall 2019 cohort, with opportunities in software engineering available in Mountain View and San Diego. Browse all openings here.