Path Forward currently runs programs for more than 50 companies across the US. You can find the list and locations of all of the return to work opportunities that are open now at our partner companies here. When you return to work at a Path Forward partner company, you’ll not only get a chance to refresh your skills while doing meaningful work, but you’ll also get professional development support, workshops and networking opportunities from the Path Forward team and alumni community.

Meanwhile, there are another 40+ companies that have US-based return to work programs that are not affiliated with Path Forward. We have spotlighted a few below.

Featured Return to Work Program: Now Accepting Applications

Johnson & Johnson is now recruiting for the fall 2019 cohort of the Re-Ignite return-to-work program, with U.S. opportunities available in Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico. The program provides paid on-the-job learning opportunities, technical training, and a focus on your whole health through energy management, stress reduction, and resiliency coaching. Browse all Re-Ignite openings here.

Listed below are the rest of the US-based programs we know about. Some of these have been one-time pilots, others are ongoing programs with regular start and end dates. Locations vary as do the criteria for inclusion. Use the links below to learn more about each program. If a program is not currently accepting applications mark down any dates so you can be prepared when applications re-open. Know of a return to work program in the US that is not listed here? Email us at